I like the creosote Scraggly and rugged, Wild and free, Yes, the Creosote like me. Survive in the Desert There we grow Full of mystery But hardly a show. Oh deafening Silence! Oh lushous wasteland! Oh sucker of life! Oh giver of peace! To blend, to meld With this gentle harshness, Is the path of survival Of joy, love, and …life. A school of Learning The Desert looms To journey onward Demands a profound integrity. The Cresote has It! With rock-colored limbs And many leaves dry, It rejoices always In the big desert sky. Thy Creosote Smiles on Through Fire, Wind, Sun, Snow, Rain, Heat, and Cold, Beckoning wonder from All who dare behold. Thy determination, strength The hardy mission of this flora Enlightens a passerby, Yet the question remains: Whereupon dwells Thy vigilant core?
Few call her Beauty Most overlook her Yet some know her secret: Yes, the Creosote’s secret Unites her with all For it holds high Her nature as “I”. Revealed often by rain, The creosote’s secret, “Her essence,” Carries enchanting harmony As she merges with Me. Might all who breathe In this Creosote free Be Open to Grow Into unified diversity.
Dr. John C. Hughes, D.O.
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